1st Annual Atlanta Cycling Festival Free Art Drop

Image from Atlanta Cycling Festival’s Facebook page. Click on picture for source.

There is a new festival in the city this year – the Atlanta Cycling Festival. It is coming up this next week from Saturday June 7 – Saturday June 14. Here’s some info from their website:

Our Mission: To connect cyclists of all experience levels to the Atlanta Community.

Our VisionTo provide a creative space for all cyclists of all experience levels to celebrate their culture together.

They have lots of fun things planned for the festival including a free art drops throughout. Ms. Atl, Wesleymoose and Evereman have already donated art.

They would love to have more art to drop. If you are interested in participating, please contact Maria Geonczy so she can keep you updated – mgeonczy{at}gmail.com

They have requested that the art has a BIKING IN ATLANTA element and to please include @atlcyclingfest and #atlcyclingfest

Event date: June 7-14

Art due: June 6

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