Tips for new Free Art Artists


The FAFATL community is definitely growing. I’m excited about all of the new artists that are getting involved. For you newbies out there, I’d like to share some information to hopefully help you out. These are NOT rules, just some things to think about. Other artists, feel free to add any tips you might have in the comments. Good luck and keep making art!

  • Make what works for you! – A lot of the FAFATL artists make things out of wood (myself included), but don’t think that you are limited to that medium. I’ve seen some fantastic free art that has been knitted, beaded, cast, or sculpted.
  • Put contact info on your art – If you want people to let you know they found something, make sure you put contact info with your art. Don’t assume that the finder knows what “@username ” is for. Art is sometimes found by people that are NOT following #FAFATL on the internet. You might also mention that it is free art. I have seen some people drop art with tags or paper with this info on it instead of writing it on their art.
  • Don’t sweat the tweetbacks – I hate to break it to you, but you won’t always hear from finders. So don’t sweat it. That’s just how it goes. Some finders don’t have Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. Some of them have private accounts, so even if they DO mention/tag you, you won’t see it unless you are following them.
  • Ziploc bags help with bad weather – If your art is not weather proof, consider when you drop it. Rain can ruin art pretty easily. Ziploc bags are an easy way to protect your art from moisture. However, clear plastic bags are easier to spot than art by itself.
  • Drop all over the city – I know L5P and the Beltline are popular drop spots for free art, but there are free art fans all over the city. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone drop in Peachtree City or Acworth. I know I’ve had people request drops in Sandy Springs and Brookhaven. So get out there and explore the city!

3 thoughts on “Tips for new Free Art Artists”

  1. Been following you guys for a while and thought you were an exclusive group so I haven’t joined ya. Excited to drop my first piece soon. Are others doing it every Friday now, or sticking to the first Fri. of every month?


    1. We are definitely not an exclusive group! Anyone is welcome to make and put out free art. People put art out whenever they desire, even though we still use the Free Art Friday hashtag. I will say that finders are more likely to look on Fridays, though.

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