Calls for Artists – May and June 2014

There are a few calls for artists for May and June. A few of them are pretty big deals. You will want to get your stuff together and apply. Read more after the jump about opportunities for artists.

dooGallery First Friday Featured Artists

dooGallery is on the lookout for new artists for their First Friday Featured Artists events. Larry was the First Friday Featured Artist back in May. If you think you have what it takes, see below. Since the dooGallery group is a closed Facebook group, I had to do a screen shot of the post. You SHOULD join the group if you are interested in hearing about their shows.

Due Date: Ongoing

Event Date: Ongoing


Out of the Darkness

This Saturday, there is an art show fundraiser at the dooGallery to benefit The Push Back Project. I believe they are still looking for art. Since the show is this Saturday, I would contact them ASAP if you are interested.

Check out the Facebook event page for details:

Event Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014 4pm-1am


WonderRoot CSA

As you may or may not know, WonderRoot does a really cool art-based CSA. When you buy a share, you get a certain amount of original art (this year it is 6 pieces). They are looking for artists to participate in next year’s CSA. You would get quite a bit of exposure with this, but it will also involve making quite a bit of art (there were 40 shares this year).

Fill out this Artist Proposal if you are interested:

Due Date: June 1, 2014

Image from

MINT Leap Year 2014-15

Once again, MINT Gallery is doing their year long artist mentorship program (Leap Year). This program aims to provide emerging artists with space and support (studio space, mentors, membership to arts organizations, supply stipend). In other words, this is a fantastic opportunity and you should definitely apply. See their Facebook post below for the link to the application.

Due Date: May 30,2014 5pm


NOTE: This IG pic is NOT of Byron. Byron only has 1 eye!

Byron Brick Road

Urbnpop has a solo show coming up at Diesel on June 6th. As a longtime Atlanta resident, he would also like to use this opportunity to bring more attention to the art community with your help. This will also be the prototype for future similar events. Here is what he has in mind (excerpt from an email)

You may be asking how does this apply to me?  Well, the proposition is this.  I would like to collaborate with artists like yourself that would be interested in working to create and garner more attention for the art community and the businesses that support us.  In the spirit of Free Art Fridays, I would like to create a “yellow brick road” of art to literally lead all of our fans and the curious to our various pop-up events, group and solo shows.  What makes this different is that rather than dropping art all over town the day of the event, the area would be specific to the way you get to the particular venue where we are set up.  Additionally, the art would be themed around the event.
I would like to use my solo show on June 6 as the proto-type for Yellow Brick Road.  The show is booked at Diesel in the Highlands.  I would LOVE for each of you to create, in your own style, a version of my logo Byron to drop around the Poncy-Highland area for fans and not yet fans to find.  The guidelines would be as follows:
  • Your interpretation of Byron or adding him into your own piece.
  • Make sure that your piece or pieces are up in the area by 4p on June 6.
  • Social Media the crap out of your piece(s) using the hastags: #urbnpop #byronbrickroad #dieselatlanta #fafatl #yournamehere
For all other future events the sky’s the limit.  We can do something like an all Blockhead, Flounder, Wesley the Moose, or any other FAFATL artist when they have an event that needs promoting.  My vision is using our own creations but incorporating the main event’s theme or character using our own style and techniques.
If you are interested in participating, email URBNPOPMANAGER{at}GMAIL.COM by May 30th.

Event Date: June 6th (future event dates TBD)

Due Date: email URBNPOPMANAGER{at}GMAIL{dot}COM by May 30th (art doesn’t need to be completed until June 6th)

Trackside Show

For the June edition of the FAFATL show at Trackside, there is NO THEME! Yep, you read that correctly. Bring whatever you would like to hang at Trackside tavern. There is plenty of wall space, so feel free to bring something BIG. And awesome, don’t forget to bring the awesome.

Email Larry Holland if you are interested fishboneart{at}comcast{dot}net

Event Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014/

Due Date: Friday, June 13, 2014

One thought on “Calls for Artists – May and June 2014”

  1. I think this yellow brick road is a fantastic idea! I literally live two blocks from diesel, on greenwood. I’ll try to go ahead and make a couple pieces to contribute!

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