In Case You Missed It: Drink Drank Drunk 04/12/14

This month’s art show at Trackside Tavern was Drink Drank Drunk. As you can probably guess, there was alcohol, art relating to alcohol and more alcohol. If you didn’t make it over there, or are still trying to remember that night (just kidding) see what you might have missed.

I’m trying something slightly different this time and am grouping all of the pieces by the same artist together, which means less scrolling for you. As usual, click on the picture to be taken to the artist’s website (or Twitter page).

by Brad Summers
by EllyFont
by ATLMuse
by Round ATL
by Blockhead


by Bottle of Pop


by Turtles of Atlanta


by Clunky Robot
This is from a movie called Strange Brew (several people asked).


by Noosh Studios


by Mrs. Blockhead
by Wish U Were Here LA (our friends in Los Angeles)
by RockIt
by The Factory Press
by Woe Is Wolf
by Louna_75
by Stamplanta
by Song Sparrow Studios
by Style Not Swag
by Larry Holland
by Ike Madness

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