Calls for Artists – February & March 2014

As Spring finally starts to appear in Atlanta (along with the pollen), festivals and events start to ramp up. If you are ready to get out of the house and away from winter, consider contributing to these events. Or show up for the art. These are a few events coming up that I know are looking for artists. Two out of the three are looking to do large FAFATL drops. Check the information below for who to contact and how to get involved.

image from Catalyst Sports website

Catalyst Sports – Art & Wine Fundraiser

Probableigh is involved with putting on this event. She thought that it would be a great chance for FAFATL artists to get their work out there. Here is some additional information I got from her:

Artists can donate or do a percentage back either at the silent auction or for sale in the gallery section of the event. There will be a lot of heavy hitters in the art world there, and the artists are more than welcome to stay and mingle with the crowd. It’s all for a good cause! Also, the tickets are pretty cheap, so if they want just to buy a ticket to the event, that’s cool too.

If you are interested, the link is below (click on link and scroll down “Interested Artists”)

Event date: 2/27/14

from Dad’s Garage website

Dad’s Garage – Baconfest

Baconfest is the yearly fundraiser for Dad’s Garage. If you haven’t been, it is full of BEER, BACON, & BANDS. There are also carnival type booths. One of which will be manned by Clunkyrobot and his wife, Fierceflawless. They are planning on repping FAFATL and hiding art throughout the event. They will need art to drop, which is where you come in.

Event page:

Contact Fierceflawless if interested

Event date: 03/29/14

Snake Nation Arts Fest 2014

Snake Nation Arts Fest

As part of the March Castleberry Art Stroll, the Snake Nation Arts Fest will be taking place. The theme of the festival is Participation, so FAFATL is a great fit. They are trying to organize an art hunt and would like pieces to hide. According to Shellie Schmals, if artists are also interested in selling art, they will work with you to find place.

Event page :

Please contact Shellie Schmals for more information.

Event date: 3/14-/14 & 3/15/14

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