Calls for Artists – November & December 2014

After not having any Calls for Artists for October, I have a few to share with you for November & December.  One of them is a HUGE opportunity.

As a side note, I think some people were going to repaint the Krog Tunnel. If you choose to partake in that, please note that it may or may not be legal to paint. Also, please respect street art etiquette.

And now back to regularly scheduled Calls For Artists…

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FAFATL on Facebook


You already know how to find FAFATL on Twitter and Instagram, right? If you don’t, just search for #FAFATL . In case you aren’t into 140 character posts or pictures with filters, you can also check out the FAFATL community on Facebook.

Find us here:

A few of the FAFATL artists also have Facebook pages, so make sure to search for you favorite artists on there as well.

Or if you are in another city/planning a vacation/moving elsewhere, you can find other cities’ FAF pages here (compliled by the Free Art Friday Blogspot )

FAFATL at Maker Faire Atlanta’s Maker Mixer

stencils and flyers
stencils and flyers

The fine folks at Maker Faire Atlanta had contacted us to see if some of the FAFATL artists wanted to be involved in one of their events. Several of the FAFATLers had a booth at the Maker Faire in 2012, so the organization was already familiar with who we are and what we do.

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Calls for Artists – September 2014

We are slowly heading towards fall here in Atlanta, but we still have the dog days of summer to get through. While you are hiding out inside from the 90 degree temperature with 90% humidity, why don’t you make some art? Just make sure that your popsicle doesn’t drip. Click on Read More to see who is looking for art this month.

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In Case You Missed It: 1000 drawings by doodleslice



On the same day as the WeLoveFAFATL show (July 12,2014), there was an opening for Doodleslice‘s solo show at Hodgepodge Coffee. This FAFATL artist’s show consists of 1000 of drawings (doodles). Don’t worry, I didn’t take pictures of ALL of them ; ) If you didn’t make it to the opening, I believe the show will be hanging until the end of July (that’s next week!) or you can check out some pictures after the jump.

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In Case You Missed It – WeLoveFAFATL show 07/12/14


If you weren’t able to make it out to the corner of University Avenue and McDaniel Street for WeLoveFAFATL, I have some pictures from the show. The show was a collaboration with WeLoveATL, so the pop-up gallery was on and in their fantastic truck (pictured above). Keep an eye out this week for pieces from the show being dropped. Make sure to check #WeLoveFAFATL & #FAFATL.

Pictures after the jump.

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WeLoveFAFATL show this Saturday 7/12/14

Image is from the WeLoveATL Facebook page click on picture for source


RockIt and ATLmuse have worked with the WeLoveATL crew to organize a WeLoveFAFATL show this Saturday.  They have planned a great event celebrating FAFATL and Atlanta and WeLoveATL. This pop up gallery will only be there for a couple hours on Saturday. There will also be some art drops. Make sure you stop by if you want to see what #WeLoveFAFATL is all about! See below for the who/what/when/where.

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